From our production house in Asok in the centre of Bangkok, our team of over 40 creatives works passionately to exceed the expectations of every client. Since we began five years ago, we have produced tens of thousands of videos for companies of all sizes in Thailand and abroad. Blending the best of Thai creativity with Japanese finesse, MoveAsia creates eye-catching, beautiful designs that jump off the screen and live long in the memory.

Experienced Account Managers

Through regular communication, we work closely between the client and production team to ensure projects are delivered on time and meet expectations.

Production Management

From location scouting and casting, to recipe planning and resourcing, our Thai and Japanese teams have local knowledge, expertise and all the right connections.

Video Crew and Equipment

We own all of our own equipment and have 3 studios dedicated to photography and food videos. Our team produced over 8,000 videos for social media in 2019.

Graphics and Design Team

We have a large team of graphic artists and motion designers (2D/3D) who can bring your designs and videos to life, making each final product on brand and unique.