Thai and Japanese video production teams.

Expertise in both markets

Food & Cooking Videos

Our video production team produced over 8,000 culinary and food videos for social media in 2019. Whether presenting simple recipe ideas, stylish tasty videos, or high-grade food network-style productions, MoveAsia Thailand does it all.

Social Media Videos

Entertain, inspire or educate with attention-grabbing videos. With or without sound, subtitles and captions can be used in attention-grabbing ways. We produce anything from 3 seconds to 20 minutes, but we suggest keeping it short if you want to go viral.

Infographics, Tutorials, Explainer Videos

Teach by example in a tutorial video. Tell your brand story in a short, animated explainer video. Visualise your message with beautiful animation, footage, and effects. From motion graphics to whiteboard videos, animations, kinetic typography or birds-eye camera shots, we have many techniques at our disposal that will help you to communicate your message clearly.

Branding &
Corporate Videos

Whether communicating externally with customers or internally with employees or the board, we produce high-quality corporate videos of all styles and genres. We will help you create a video that fits your brand, delivers a clear message and engages your audience.

Sales Kit &
Product Demos

Each video is custom designed for your product. The video narrative, framing, composition and sound are all designed to powerful effect to communicate the unique features and benefits in stylish and creative ways. The customer experience begins with this video.

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Interviews /
Behind The Scenes

Pull back the curtain to reveal the magic behind the scenes of your organisation. Showcase the skills of your team. Educate your customers on the quality and care that goes into your work. Meet the experts or the celebrities that people want to hear from. Communicate great ideas that will be valuable to your audience, your clients and potential customers to share online.


There is an art to capturing social and special events onto video. A quality video doesn't sit in the corner, motionless like a bored dinner guest. We need to select the right scenes, capture the right footage with interesting movement and choose the right people and moments to convey the story you want to tell.